About The Event

Party On The Hill was started in 2000 by the landlords of the Highbury Vaults and the Highbury Tavern (now Chin Chin).

After chatting over a beer about how good it would be to have live music playing outside on the top of St. Michael's Hill, they investigated further and proved it could be done, and so Party On The Hill was born.

After many months of deliberation, turmoil, paperwork and RED TAPE, we managed to put the first event together, with more help from the locals than can ever be appreciated!

Having decided it was to be a charity event, we eventually chose the newly-built Bristol Children's Hospital, and ward 32 - the Cardiac Ward.

Over the years we have collected thousands of pounds and donated money and equipment to this worthy cause.

Cheers to everybody who has helped over the years to make this street party better every time, and let's keep this great family day out going!

- Bradd Francis (Landlord, Highbury Vaults)